2019 Solar Car Regulations

AIMSC 2019 Model Solar Car Regulations

Please view and have a careful read of the official 2019 AIMSC model solar car regulations above. The Tasmanian competition will run in accordance with these for the most part.

Rule changes for the Tasmanian Championships 

A few changes have been introduced by the Tasmanian Committee to make for a simpler state competition. Only teams selected to compete at the nationals will then need to comply with the AIMSC regulations in full.

The key changes to the Tasmanian event are detailed as follows:

Sections 3.1 & 6.3

There is no limit to the number of cars a school can enter. The Tasmanian event does not have a maximum of 32 entries and is held on a single day of competition. A group of 2 or more students is permitted to enter multiple cars as long as each entry can be assigned at least one unique student. Teamwork and helping one another out is encouraged.

Racing will be conducted as a series of round robins and each car will take part in many rounds of competition. Cars will then be ranked on their number of race wins for finals participation.

Sections 4, 5 & 7

Teams are encouraged, but not strictly required, to submit a multimedia video presentation, or be expected to participate in any random interviews at the Tasmanian competition. This will only apply to teams going on to represent the state at the national finals. As an example, please see below for one of the top submissions from a WA team in 2018.

Section 9

Teams competing at the Tasmanian event will need to provide a fresh egg and tennis ball for racing. The organising committee will have replacement eggs at hand in case there are any driver injuries during the competition.

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