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Rules and Posting Guidelines

Here's a few rules and guidelines for all forum members to acknowledge and follow. It's your responsibility to become familiar with them although most are just common sense. This is an educational space for sharing and learning so keep it clean.

Failure to comply may lead to having your post deleted or even being banned from the forum completely. In most cases you'll be issued a warning but this will depend on the severity of the breach.

Remember, posting on the Tasmanian Model Solar Challenge is a privilege, not a right.

What can NOT be posted here?

1. Keep an eye out on your language. Many users are school-aged. Profanities and other obscene language will not be tolerated. Any post or topic title containing these will be either edited to conform or deleted altogether.

2. Usernames, profile pictures, links, images or information that contain any pornographic or religious material, nudity, scams, link farms and product advertisements are a complete no-no. These accounts will be removed immediately.

3. No bullying of any kind is acceptable. By all means feel free to engage in some friendly banter but don't take it too far.

4. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but please keep it civilised. If you're going to issue some criticism then try and keep it constructive. We're here to learn.

5. Let's keep the community focused on stuff that's relevant. No one wants to sift through a bunch of spam that has nothing to do with anything here.

6. For your own safety, don't post personal details such as phone numbers, home or email addresses.

7. Just use some common sense if you're unsure about something.

While there are only a handful of Administrators and Moderators, this forum belongs to everyone. We're not on here 24/7 so are depending on you to help keep the forum in check. If you come across something that breaches site rules or would like a post reviewed it then please report it. This can be done by clicking the little exclamation mark at the bottom right corner of each post.

Some Dos and Don'ts

DO post in the correct forum

DO use a clear and relevant topic title

DO provide enough details or pictures in your question so that people can help you

DO try and stay on topic

DO help others. Sharing your knowledge to assist others is what the forum is all about.

DO think before you type. Remember that you're dealing with real people so treat others how you'd like to be treated

DO use the search button. It may assist you in finding an answer to your question if it's already been asked

DO welcome newcomers to the community

DO correct mistakes in a courteous manner

DON'T abuse fellow users on the forum

DON'T post the same message in multiple forums

DON'T double post two messages in a row. Edit your original message

DON'T use excessive punctuation or emojis

DON'T post in ALL CAPS. This means you're yelling and can be really annoying to read

DON'T go overboard with the quote button. Include only as much as is necessary for context.


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