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Get Best Solar System In Pakistan.

Solar System

Solar power is actually an alteration of sunlight into electricity. Hence, the energy need is growing with time. Also, the source of energy is declining day by day. Therefore, to fulfill the energy needs and to save non- renewable sources, we need an alternative solution. So, introducing the Solar System in Pakistan plays a vital role in power formation.  Pakistan lacks energy invention and energy sources. Therefore, the Solar system in Pakistan is satisfying our energy needs by producing cost less energy.

Solar system in Pakistan is used in houses as well as for different industrial purposes. Also, its products fulfill the energy need in different fields. Pakistan is popular for its agricultural products all over the whole world. The development of these products requires energy for irrigation and this energy costs a lot. Solar systems are working to decrease the energy cost and use of non-renewable sources. The solar system also produces solar tube well.

Solar Capabilities

  • 3kw solar system
  • 5kw solar system
  • 10kw solar system

3KW Solar System

A 3kw solar system is suitable for the small size house which consists of two or four persons. This system produces nearly 3000kw which also depends on the number of plates and the time area of the year whether its summer or winter. The 3kw solar system produces almost 15kw in 5 hours. The number of plates depends on the power need of the house and the area which should be 21 square meters.

5KW Solar System

A 5kw solar system is appropriate for medium-house and small level industry. Medium-houses may contain 6, 7 persons. 5kw solar system kit requires 400 square feet of area to set up. Hence, this system makes 350-450 kWh per month, if there are five sun hours per day. This system contains an extreme of 25 plates depending upon the area and requirement of energy.

10KW Solar System:

A 10kw solar system is suitable for a small level industry or a large house. This system generates about 30-46kwh per depending on the number of plates and sun hours per day. Hence, it has a short time payback area of almost 5-6 years. Space required for the system of this system is 700 square feet.

Solar Tube Well

Solar system in Pakistan has industrialized solar tube well to decline the energy usage and energy costs in water irrigation for crops and gardening. Therefore, solar tube well is becoming popular in farmers as it is a one-time investment. Hence, solar tube well helps us in crop irrigation, gardening, horticulture, and other irrigation purposes.

Moreover, the Solar system in Pakistan is increasing at every level of industry and houses.

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