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2018 Side Panel Question

The TMSC was recently asked a question about the side panel rule in section 8.13 so here's a little bit of extra information to help everyone out.

Each side panel needs to be flat with an area of at least 150mm x 80mm (for attaching stickers and logos). This means in a single plane without any curvature over that particular area. The full sides of your car body can be longer or higher, basically any shape you like. Streamlining is also perfectly acceptable as long as there's still a flat section of 150mm x 80mm somewhere along each side. Teams can even add fins to their cars as seen here.

There's also nothing in the rules saying that you can't tilt your side panels. As long as they're still "easily seen by spectators while the car is racing" then you don't need to have them facing out each side at right angles. The maximum tilt allowed is 45 degrees as any more than this will make the area a top, bottom, front or back panel.


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